• Don’t act like you’re not going to check this one out. Quit kidding yourself – it’s the damn Leprechaun!

  • Torturous teen trauma makes mermaid transformation look like a blessing. Who likes fish?

  • Bring your bib (and some patience) and ask yourself: how much do I like human flesh?

  • Have you ever wanted to see Santa fight Krampus while busty cosplayers shriek? That’s a rhetorical question.

  • Watch this to understand how the dark freaks and losers shaped the world with monsters and magic.

  • Don’t dig in Dad’s tool shed if you aren’t ready for what’s in there….

  • Who’s up for a woodsy cult/possession horror entrée with disgusting dipping sauce?

  • Mina isn’t your average flesh-eating monster, yet she’s one we all know.

  • You thought you knew how dark a “fairy tale” could be? Think again.

  • That phrase “so bad it’s good”? Yeah…buckle up.

  • Who says monsters and lunatics with chainsaws can’t be beneficial to your health and well-being?

  • Mercy, absolution, freedom…what do you want to get out of your possession?

  • These nuns have never seen anything like Birdie. You haven’t either…

  • When found footage, documentary, and meta all hook up, don’t blink at the offspring.

  • Is growing up privileged all it’s cracked up to be? Look in the mirror and ask yourself…

  • I hate to see a good premise wasted, but I suppose church is a good place for that.

  • At Blackwood School, Madame Duret will bring out your talents…even if you don’t have any!

  • See how all the horror began and decide for yourself if you would Purge to cleanse your soul.

  • Fancy an end of the world holiday with your significant other?

  • Who’s worse? The inmates or the staff? Or…is it what made them that way? Turn the key and find out!


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