• Sea-gods in mop buckets, creatures made from gaffer-taped bin bags and a budget so low it considers Donald Trump a close personal friend. We give you Soft Matter.

  • As if visiting your Gran wasn’t bad enough. This old-timer and her caregiver are clocking up quite the body count.

  • After Flatlining in her last movie, Ellen Page returns to the screens in zombie-drama The Cured from first time director David Freyne.

  • The producers of The Witch and The Void conjure up a new kind of fear in the very effective chiller Pyewacket.

  • Look out coulrophobes, It is about to get real. 

  • Robert Englund helps Jason London with malevolent forces in his basement. 

  • Boy meets girl, boy has erotic encounters with an arcade machine, horror ensues.  

  • The latest issue of Exquisite Terror is out now. Written for horror fans by horror fans.

  •  Godzilla Begins! The King of the Monsters returns to his roots in an exciting and hilarious Japanese reboot. 

  • Lights Out director David F. Sandberg aims to scare us silly with possessed doll prequel Annabelle: Creation

  •  Bill Nighy is on the hunt for a killer in 19th Century London. Limehouse to be exact. 

  •  Ryan finds The Forest of Lost Souls loses its own way somewhat.

  • Will Ridley Scott's latest chapter in the Alien franchise grip you like a facehugger? Ryan finds out.

  • More misses than hits in The Horror Network.

  • An ambitious indie effort that falls short.

  • Giving the word earworm a whole new meaning.

  • Groundhog Day with added meth.

  • Even the undead don’t approve of pineapple on pizza.

  • Ryan Holloway returns to check out the haunting The Eyes of My Mother.

  • The UK gets Mike Flanagan's Oculus and we sent Ryan Holloway along to check it out.


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