• Mike checks out Dark Screams: Volume One and sees if there's anything to do after satisfying his Stephen King cravings.

  • Mike takes a break from catching up on the latest Grimm episodes by reading the latest Grimm novelization, The Killing Time, and likes what he reads.

  • Mike gets that old feeling back for the Alien franchise after reading Alien: Sea of Sorrows.

  • Mike checks out the one about that movie about urban legends and finds Killer Legends to be the real deal.

  • Mike examines Special ID and decides it's a clever forgery.

  • Mike straps on his pom poms and does a few high kicks for Lucky McKee's All Cheerleaders Die.

  • AMC Networks launches a new streaming movie service, but will Mike say Yeah! to it?

  • Guest reviewer Michel Sabourin offers up his thoughts on Stephen King's latest, Doctor Sleep. Michel is a big King fan, so did it live up to his expectations?


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