• Rust Creek is one to look out for.

  • Don’t dig in Dad’s tool shed if you aren’t ready for what’s in there….

  • Stunning and surprising, but still a little how I imagined Latvia.

  • Mercy, absolution, freedom…what do you want to get out of your possession?

  • With an unsettling atmosphere, plenty of blood, and great performances, What Keeps You Alive gives fans of indie horror something to celebrate.

  • An atmospheric, creepy tale Zig thinks you should check out.

  • They say you can't do a throwback style in a PG-13 flick and still bring the creepy…Our House didn't get that memo.

  • The film will make its debut at the Fantasia Film Festival.

  • A movie about camping and killing, though not very much of either actually happens.

  • I Remember You is slow and moody and very, very cold.

  • IFC Midnight's latest arrives next month.

  • A bloody after-hours roadtrip spawned in the mind of horror author Bryan Smith. Fun with a capital "Holy Fuck!"

  • Nick drops another review with us, this time IFC Midnight's Killing Ground.

  • Darkness Rising tries to set itself apart from every other possession flick but just misses the mark.

  • A Dark Song is eerie, strangely beautiful, and bizarre.

  • What could be more metal than Satan forcing someone to murder? (Nothing. Nothing could be more metal than that.)

  • The past never dies; it just waits to haunt your future. 

  • Is a 13-year-old ripe for a remake?

    Zig thinks not.

  • For these cops, Hell is just a radio call away.

  • This reboot does nothing special or new to justify remaking the fever, other than having an excuse to shed blood in a forest.


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