• Don't Leave Home could have been a solid horror movie, but fails to deliver.

  • Cynthia is a nasty, gory, dirty explosion of fun that takes being funny very seriously.

  • With an unsettling atmosphere, plenty of blood, and great performances, What Keeps You Alive gives fans of indie horror something to celebrate.

  • Chris Crow delivers a creepy, claustrophobic narrative in The Lighthouse.

  • 5th Passenger has all the right elements, but ultimately falls short.

  • Gabino packs his bags for a trip to The Cabin at the End of the World.

  • Anti Matter delivers lots of tension and solid production values, but stumbles at the end.

  • R.S. Belcher delivers another narrative that walks the line between everyday life and the surreal world of magic.

  • The horror author has suffered some major burns, and we can help him.

  • In Transgemination, Glenn Gray offers a gooey, humorous, extremely weird slice of top-notch pulp.

  • With The Unyielding, Gary J. Shipley shows once again why he is the master of dripping, surreal, bizarre horror.

  • A great anthology for a great cause.

  • Charles Cassady Jr. goes deep into the very murky water of New Orleans' past.

  • The Crucifixion delivers great visuals, but adds nothing to the possession subgenre.

  • Wiith Blanky, Kealan Patrick Burke explores impossible horrors and some that are too real.

  • John Rector brings together the best of horror, science fiction, and mysteries in The Ridge.

  • With The Warblers, Amber Fallon cements herself as one of the strongest voices in the newest generation of weird horror fiction authors.

  • In A Collection of Nightmares, Christina Sng delivers outstanding tales of horror and apocalypse via poetry.

  • Jack Bantry breathes new life into splatterpunk with a fiesty take on a cryptozoological classic.

  • With School's Out, Brian Keene does it again, and offers an extra emotional punch.


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