• Rabbit is polished and produced and ultimately kind of forgettable. But there are magic twins!

  • Cold Spots #2 has ghosts, and island, and a little girl with strange powers. But it's NOT The Ring!

  • The devil needn't have bothered.

  • The Hollow Tree is about ghosts and folklore, the two best things.

  • The Endlessstumbles where its predecessors shone.

  • Silly fun with a vaguely Irish twist abounds in the setup for 2018's big Ghostbusters crossover event.

  • Hangmanwas that boring, boring game you may have played as a schoolchild. It's also a movie. So, you know. Expectations. Set. Pretty low.

  • Pumpkinhead is back, and continues to do that Pumpkinhead voodoo that he do so well.

  • A movie about camping and killing, though not very much of either actually happens.

  • I Remember You is slow and moody and very, very cold.

  • Nothing interesting develops in this movie. Teehee.

  • The 2016 'Busters get their own book, but does it live up to the original? And more importantly, does Holtzmann lick anything she shouldn't lick this time around?

  • A lighthearted comedy featuring only one disemboweling. Fun for the whole family.

  • It seriously isn't even clear why it's called Cold Moon. The moon is like barely in it. Nothing is cold--it's in Florida. WHAT THE HELL GUYS.

  • The 101 arc ends with lots and lots of mood slime and a little stream-crossing for good measure.

  • Moulin Rouge meets Seven in Dickensian London, and it's less fun than it sounds.

  • More werewolf dismemberments. Er, dismemberments BY werewolves. Not OF werewolves. That would be dumb. You're dumb.

  • I always thought Holtzmann's ghost-blasting guns were dumb. This proves it. I WIN AT GHOSTBUSTING.

  • Mae Cymru yn awesome. I had to use Google Translate for that, so you should too. (Hint: it means Wales is awesome.)

  • Busting, as it were, continues to make all of us feel rather pleasant indeed.


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