• Alice Creed just joined the likes of John Consantine, Mr. Rhee, and Cal Macdonald as a supernatural detective.

  • If you were scared with the first issue, just wait until you read this one. Holy crap.

  • The final battle begins!  Who will die?  Who will live?  Who will get malts later at Pop's Chocklit Shoppe?

  • The body count rises as the kids return to Riverdale, and you will not believe the amount of blood and gore that's in this issue.

  • Do we really have to describe this one?  It's America's favorite teen fighting the galaxy's deadliest hunter.

  • A bunch of privileged kids from the States head out to a small Central American village to build schools and never come back.

  • Deputy Garcia returns in Blood Lagoon.  She's battled killer bees from Mars, but and now she takes on giant ticks.  Ewww.


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