Knuckle Supper

Knuckle Supper CoverDrew Stepek gives a whole new meaning to the term "knuckle sandwich."  Spez checks out the finger lickin' good Knuckle Supper.

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The Fall

The Fall Small

What's more cool than a vampire book that doesn't have any glitter? It's written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. Violence ensues!

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The Dead

The Dead Charlie Higson Cover

Steve Pattee checks out The Dead, the newest book by Charlie Higson. Is it as good as The Enemy, the first book in the trilogy? Read more to find out!

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Health Agent

HealthAgentcoverA deadly virus is sweeping through the city of Punktown, and health agents Montgomery Black and Opal Cowrie are in the thick of it. Steve Pattee reviews Health Agent by Jeffrey Thomas.


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Pay Phone

PayphonecoverToday Steve Pattee reviews the book Pay Phone by author Brandon Ford. He likes Ford's writing skill, but says "Pay Phone is an incredibly frustrating book, due to its bitter sweet nature."


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The Enemy

The Enemy Charlie Higson Cover

Charlie Higson's upcoming novel The Enemy " an incredibly quick read, partially due to its fast pace, partially due to being unable to put it down."

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>Trying to keep up with Zig's manic pace, Steve Pattee reviews the book Traumatized. While he had issue with the writing style, he says, "...the majority of the stories in Traumatized are superb, idea-wise."

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