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  • Trancers III: Deth Lives!

    Trancers III: Deth Lives!

    Jack Deth returns for another thrilling adventure. Read More
  • Soft Matter

    Soft Matter

    Sea-gods in mop buckets, creatures made from gaffer-taped bin bags and a budget so low it considers Donald Trump a close personal friend. We give you Soft Matter. Read More
  • At Granny's House

    At Granny's House

    As if visiting your Gran wasn’t bad enough. This old-timer and her caregiver are clocking up quite the body count. Read More
  • Corpsepaint


    An American black metal musician travels to the Ukraine, discovering the true heart of darkness. Read More
  • Oblivion Song #3

    Oblivion Song #3

    Nathan won't rest until he's brought everyone home...but do they want to go back? Read More
  • Savage Tales: Vampirella

    Savage Tales: Vampirella

    Get ready for some campy fun as Vampirella sinks her teeth into this new adventure. Read More
  • Funny Book Splatter 067: James Powell

    Funny Book Splatter 067: James Powell

    James speaks with the man behind the all-ages horror anthology, House of Fear. Read More
  • Hungry Ghosts #4

    Hungry Ghosts #4

    Prepare for the final two tales of terror, but make sure to leave room for dessert. Read More
  • Annihilation


    Whether it’s on the big or small screen, Alex Garland’s sci-fi tale, with its intelligent story telling and dream casting, is in a master-class of its own. Read More
  • RoboCop: Citzens Arrest #2

    RoboCop: Citzens Arrest #2

    OCP is back and New Detroit is about to burn down. We need RoboCop! Read More
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Latest News

  • House of Fear: Dead Lake First Look +

    Check out a sneak peek at the next story from the all-ages horror anthology comic. Read More
  • Shadowman #4 Preview +

    “Dead and Gone” begins next month from Valiant Entertainment. Read More
  • Axmaniac Hacks Its Way Onto Kickstarter +

    A new horror comic from Ammar Al-Chalabi arrives in the vein of classic slasher movies. Read More
  • Something Old and Something New for Predator Fans +

    Dark Horse Comics announces collection of classic Predator comics and new mini-series. Read More
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