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 After almost one hundred years, the masked hero Zorro is still kicking.  American Mythology Productions has announced the characters is returning to comics this August with a new series, but with a supernatural twist.  That's right, folks!  Zorro is going to fight demons, vampires, and all sorts of paranormal evil.

Zorro: Swords of Hell will be the first mini-series exploring this new western / horror direction.  Written by David Avallone, illustrated by Roy Allan Martinez, and colored by Enrica Angiolini, the comic follows wealthy playboy Don Diego de la Vega Iaka Zorro) as he celebrates the defeat of his nemesis, Alcade Quintero.  Unfortunately, his action have set a terrible vengeance into motion.  An unstoppable horde of demonic horsemen intent on bringing Hell to Earth has risen in Alta California.  Zorro must use everything he has to stop this infernal incursion in its tracks.  

John Gertz, President of Zorro Productions, Inc. stated: "For decades we have utilized a fresh, innovative approach with top talent to enhance the Zorro's universe of characters, the Zorro brand & franchise." Gertz continued: "Our relationship with American Mythology is yet another example of our commitment to our fans and Zorro!".

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Writer David Avallone says, “I’ve been a big fan of Zorro since I was a kid, when my father sat me down to watch one of his very favorite movies: the 1940 Tyrone Power Mark of Zorro. It became one of my favorites, too… and still is! I was thrilled when American Mythology asked me to write such an iconic pulp hero; the guy who showed the Shadow and Batman how it’s done. And as a long-time resident of Los Angeles, it’s a kick to visit my beloved city 200 years ago, and play off what it was then and what it was fated to become.”

Editor-in-Chief Mike Wolfer says, “As with our Edgar Rice Burroughs titles (Carson of VenusThe Land That Time ForgotThe Moon MaidPellucidar), American Mythology sets out to develop new stories set in fan-favorite worlds firmly-established over 100 years ago… so rest assured, our Zorro comics will respect the hero as everyone knows and loves him to be. But when considering the hundreds of Zorro comics that have come before, we needed a twist to make our new tales unique – and we all immediately agreed that our new American Mythology stories would all have supernatural horror overtones. We might not have seen those elements in many previous Zorro comics, but that doesn't mean that such stories didn't happen. Maybe in the past, those adventures were just too horrifying to tell, but now, they will be told!”

Zorro: Swords of Hell #1 will feature a main cover by interior artist Roy Allan Martinez, a “Demon Fury” variant by S.L. Gallant, a “Classic Nostalgia” variant by Jon Pinto, a “Visions of Zorro” limited edition variant by Alex Toth, and a blank sketch variant.  It is slated for release in August 2018.

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