Zombies Vs Cheerleaders CoverZombies vs Cheerleaders, the comic based on the sketch card series from 5FINITY Productions is mixing things up.  The indie comic has seen seven issues and four one-shots since 2010 from Moonstone, but the title is now moving to Rich Koslowski's 3 Finger Prints.  

"Due to logistical reasons we needed a new publisher and although we had interest from Top Ten publishers, I felt that working with Rich was more intimate and creatively rewarding." says creator Steven L. Frank. "He brings a lot to the table as a publisher and as a creator."

"I was the one who actually suggested it to Steve at the 2012 Comic-Con when I overheard him talking to Batton Lash about needing a new publisher." reflected Koslowski. "I love the book, it's just a lot of fun, so I figured "why not?" I was glad Steve was so receptive. I also plan on contributing stories whenever I can. Both writing an illustrating. In issue #1 I did an 8 page story called "The Big Game: A Death Valley High installment" and the cast of characters, and structure of the story and setting, will allow me to re-visit them on occasion. I have a pretty unique vision for this storyline so I'm pretty excited about it."

3 Finger Prints plans on releasing ZvC bi-monthly with one-shots and trades in the mix along the way.  Readers can expect more crossover events as the mythology of the series allows for multiple story ideas.  


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No word yet on when the new first issue of Zombies vs Cheerleaders will be released, however we do have details on the title.  It'll be a 40 page color book for $3.99, written by Frank and Koslowski with art by Everaert, Hebb, Mokhtar, and Koslowski.  There will also be five different covers for the relaunch including an exclusive cover available only through the 3 Finger Prints website.  

What do you think of the reboot of Zombies vs Cheerleaders?  Give me a Z!  Give me an Oh, I'm not cut out for this.







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