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Indie publisher Asylum Press has announced a further collaboration with Visionborne to release Zombie Terrors #1 as a motion comic. The first issue will be available for free exclusively through Visionborne's iPad app with subsequent issues available at $0.99 each.

This is the second comic that the two companies have animated together. The first was Fearless Dawn #1. Visionborne's app uses Airmid technology that converts static 2D artwork into a 3D animated format. I'm not even going to pretend I know what that means.

Zombie Terrors #1 is now available through iTunes. It's an anthology title filled with short stories of the undead from some talent around the world. It includes some pin-ups by David Hartman and the following tales:

  • Beheaded – A story by Frank Forte in which a crazed hillbilly takes trophies from his zombie victims
  • Feast – A gourmet chef is taken hostage by a greedy mob boss
  • Hate – A newly formed zombie must confront what he's become while losing the last semblance of his humanity


“We’re very excited about the possibility of reaching so many new readers all over the world with these animated comic books,” says Asylum Press President Frank Forte. “Tablet computer ownership is exploding and we want to provide dynamic, top-quality content for comic book lovers. Visionborne’s amazing technology lets our readers experience comics in a cool new way that wasn’t possible before.”

I still don't really understand the appeal of motion comics, but there's clearly a market for them as more and more publishers are releasing them. I'm glad to see Asylum Press jump into the field with some much needed horror content. I may not be a fan of motion comics, but I'd be interested to see how blood splatters across the panel. As an Android user, I have to wait to check out Zombie Terrors. What about you though? What do you think of this new animated funny book?










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