There are all sorts of gems hidden in the back issue bins at your local comic shop. Sure, you might come out with a copy of SuperPro, but you might find something like the long out of print Zombie Highway from Jason Pell.


The comic stars Kuji, Mouse, Yeti, and Tag, four normal guys that are probably not the heroes you'd expect...or even want when the dead begin to rise, but they at least keep things interesting. Zombies might be the least of their problems as their horror road trip is just getting started.


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Pell has turned to Kickstarter to help fund a new Zombie Highway hardcover collection that adds up to over 200 pages of content. The World Accordingly mini-series, the Wild and Wonderful series, the Back in Blue special, and the never before available Sutter's Tale will be collected together in one volume featuring artwork from Roberto Viacava, new colors from Robt Snyder, and a new cover from Nick Bradshaw.


Zombie Highway was something I was entirely unaware of prior to the Kickstarter launch, but it seems like a fun book. Yes, it's yet another zombie comic, but this was actually originally released before The Walking Dead even came on the scene.


The Kickstarter Campaign runs through November 26th and there are plenty of great rewards available, including the book itself (obviously), as well as copies of some of Pell's other titles like Season's End and Suicide 5.










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