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Zenescope Entertainment has announced their first ever Grimmie Awards, an event that gives the fans the opportunity to vote on their favorite Zenescope series and characters of the year.  Voting will take place on Zenescope's Facebook page beginning on Thursday, January 23rd and winners will be announced throughout the week starting on Monday, February 24th.  

There are various categories available for fans to vote on.  If you share the poll, you'll be entered to win various prizes including art prints, trade paperbacks, comics, and other merchandise.  Voting will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays with new categories each week.  Check out the categories and the nominees below:

  • Best New Series - Oz, Realm Knights, Through the Looking Glass, Hit List, No Tomorrow, and Unleashed
  • Best Breakout Female Character – Van Helsing (Unleashed), Masumi (Unleashed), Dorothy (Oz), Aisling (Quest), Keres (No Tomorrow), Rian (Hit List)
  • Best Breakout Male Character – Roman Asher (Unleashed), Elijah Jones (Unleashed), Will Scarlett (Robyn Hood), Patrick Clay (No Tomorrow), Thorn (Oz), Dominic (Hit List)
  • Best Villain – The Dark Queen (Age of Darkness), Keres (No Tomorrow), Wicked Witch of the West (Oz), Queen of Spades (Wonderland), The Being (Unleashed), Cindy (Grimm Fairy Tales), The Dark One (Grimm Fairy Tales)
  • Best Team –Realm Knights, Jurassic Strike Force 5, The Dark Horde, Quest Team, Oz Team, Hit List Crew
  • Best Sidekick – Violet Liddle (Wonderland), Bolder (Quest), Blake (Quest), Toto (Oz), Dark Cheshire (Wonderland), Buggy (Jurassic Strike Force 5)
  • Best Fight – Robyn Hood vs Red Riding Hood, The Being vs Everyone, Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter vs Callie and Violet, Realm Knights vs Cronus, Sela vs Cindy and the Dark One , Guy Gisbourne vs Robyn Hood
  • Best Mad Hatter – Johnny Liddle (Escape From Wonderland), Uncle Drake (Return to Wonderland), Madder Hatter AKA Emma Legrasse (Madness of Wonderland), Sammy (Wonderland Volume 1)
  • Best Overall Female Character – Sela Mathers (Grimm Fairy Tales), Robyn Locksley (Robyn Hood), Calie Liddle (Wonderland), Britney Waters (Code Red), The Dark Queen (Age of Darkness), Cindy (Grimm Fairy Tales)

The winners will be accepting their awards through Facebook beginning on February 24th through new interactive profiles.  

This sounds like a fun idea that I'm surprised more publishers haven't tried out.  I'm a little behind on my Grimm Fairy Tales reading, but this looks like a nice competition.  Zenescope's idea to have the characters interact with the fans via Facebook is interesting.  Given the content of some of their books, I'd be a little concerned about some creepos trying to hit on Sela Mathers or something, but we'll see how that works out.










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