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Zenescope Entertainment has announced two new mini-series debuting in February 2015 as part of its new reader-friendly Launch initiative. First up is The Little Mermaid. I know the first thing you think of when you hear a title like that is the Disney version, right? Well, if you're thinking Disney when we're talking about Zenescope, you're way off. This version has a bit more bite to it. Originally debuting in Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths and Legends, Erica (the little mermaid) is now imprisoned, suffering from some painful and violent reminders of how cruel fate can be. The mini-series takes place a few months after her original story.


The Little Mermaid is written by Meredith Finch and features cover art by David Finch, Ed Benes, Jason Metcalf, Mirka Andolfo, and Mike Krome. No word on who is handling the interior art but Ivan Nunes is on colors.


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Also coming out in February 2015 is a new mini-series set in Wonderland entitled White Queen. The book shows what happens when the Age of Darkness reaches Wonderland. Calie Liddle, the White Queen and daughter of Alice has just begun her rule in this land and hopes for peace. She may have some allies but her hold on the realm is tenuous at best. What is she to do when the Dark Queen comes in demanding tribute? Can Wonderland survive?


White Queen is written by Troy Brownfield and illustrated by Luca Claretti with colors by Leonardo Paciarotti. It will feature covers from Billy Tucci, Talent Caldwell, Sabine Rich, Sean Chen, and Giuseppe Cafaro.


Now that Zenescope has ten years worth of comics under its belt, it can be a little intimidating jumping into a book without the background information. This Launch program helps introduce fans to the characters with some great jumping on points.


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