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For someone that's been dead for over 75 years, H.P. Lovecraft sure gets around. He serves as inspiration for tons of horror writers in all mediums and now he's about to be turned into an action hero in Craig Engler's Lovecraft: The Blasphemously Large First Issue.


Engler, the co-creator / writer / co-executive producer of SyFy's Z-Nation has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project and has already raised more than three times the $10,000 goal. This has opened up stretch goals including the script and layout of the bok, four pages of "Crazy Lovecraft Facts & Insane Trivia," stickers and more.


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The comic takes place in the modern-day world where H.P. Lovecraft never existed as a writer, however all the horrors that the real-life Lovecraft wrote about are real. The title character is the world's foremost magician and alchemist who maintains a secret library of forbidden knowledge which houses the Necronomicon.


Lovecraft is far from the first writer I'd think of when it comes to action heroes, but given the monsters involved, I'm willing to check out this re-imagining.



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