Regardless of whatever kind of shit job you have, it could be worse.  Even if you're the guy that cleans up the crap left behind as the elephant walks around the circus, you could be in Hell.  You could be Gary in Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, a new quarter hour comedy premiering on Adult Swim on Thursday, April 18th.  He's an associate demon, trying to work his way up the corporate ladder by capturing souls on earth.  This sounds pretty straightforward, but Gary's lazy, stupid, and kind-hearted.  Those three things just don't go together when you're trying to get promoted in the underworld.  It doesn't help any that Gary's intern Claude is more talented and devious and willing to do anything to impress Satan.  

Check out a sneak peek at this new live-action workplace comedy below.


Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell features Matt Servitto as Satan, Henry Zebrowski as Gary, and Craig Rowin as Claude.  

To be honest, I'm not that impressed with this footage.  If this counts as a TV show now, I can probably whip up something in my backyard with my smart phone and some face paint that looks just as good.  What do you think of Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell?  Will you be tuning in on April 18th?



Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell 02Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell 03Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell 04

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