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Kevin Smith is set to debut his newest film, Yoga Hosers, at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, January 24th.  The horror / comedy stars his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith as well as Johnny Depp's daughter, Lily Rose Depp, as a pair of convenience store clerks who battle an ancient evil and its army of monsters in Manitoba, Canada.  Dynamite Entertainment has announced that the film's premiere will also feature an exclusive prequel comic, written by Smith and illustrated by Jeff Quigley, telling the secret origin of the two main characters and how they met.

"Nick and the Dynamite folks have made a home for me at their shop over the years. So when I thought about launching SModComics, he was my first call. I look forward to turning lots of material from my podcasts and movies into 4-color extensions of what we do in other media. And I'm happy to do it with Dynamite - the Jersey-based comics giant!" states Writer/Director Kevin Smith.

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"The relationship we have with Kevin is incredibly rewarding. His resume speaks for itself, as he has reinvigorated great comic characters like Daredevil and Green Arrow at Marvel and DC respectively, along with Green Hornet and Six Million Dollar Man here at Dynamite," states CEO/Publisher Nick Barrucci. "His talent brings fans to the industry, and when he asked if we would be a part of this event, of course we said yes!"

Yoga Hosers is the second part of Smith's Canadian Horror trilogy.  The first was Tusk and the third, yet to be produced film, is Moose Jaws (It's Jaws...with a moose).  From what I've heard of Yoga Hosers from Smith's numerous podcasts, it's more of a teen comedy and perhaps less vulgar than his other work.  He is working with his teenage daughter, after all.  A trailer was shown at San Diego Comic Con last year, but it has not made its way online just yet.  Hopefully we'll finally see some footage after Sundance.  I'm a little bummed that this prequel comic is exclusive to Sundance.  Maybe it will turn up on ComiXology down the line.



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