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Wormwood Coming to Television



Ben Templesmith's Wormwood is heading to the small screen thanks to a partnership between the nearly formed IDW Entertainment and George Lopez and his Travieso Production Company.  The comic, first published in 2004, is currently being developed as an animated television series with David M. Stern (Ugly Americans) on board to write the pilot episode and serve as executive producer of the series. Circle of Confusion (Walking Dead) will also executive produce.  No word yet as to what network the show will end up on.

The comic (which I have yet to read and makes me a bad Templesmith fan) centers on an inter-dimensional worm with the ability to animate corpses as host bodies.  The creature gets into adventures ranging from the paranormal to the obscene.  Templesmith recently described it in a blog post as “...focusing on concepts like demons with STD’s and sexually overactive transgendered Leprechauns...”  Based on that, I guess we're not going to see it on a Saturday morning.  Wait, do they even still have cartoons on Saturday mornings?
“It’s not often I can produce a series about an inter-dimensional worm. I am thrilled to be working with such a great creative team on this clever combination of comedy and horror ” said George Lopez.

As mentioned above, I haven't yet read Wormwood, but if it came out of the head of Ben Templesmith, I'm going to give it a go.  I'm interested to see how this adaptation turns out. What about you?










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