Witch Doctor Mal Practice CoverImage Comics and Skybound have announced that the first issue of Witch Doctor: Mal Practice will feature a variant cover from  Juan José Ryp, colored by Felix Serrano.  Ryp has been kicking ass lately in Epic Kill so he's a welcome addition to Witch Doctor.  Image has been toying with variant covers lately but not doing them on every book.  Granted, The Walking Dead #100 had something like 15 covers, but when a variant is released, it's a good one.  I wonder if this was a decision that was made by the creators or the company.You can check out that bitchin' cover below.

Witch Doctor Mal Practice 00
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In addition to this, there have been some fun promotional images released, teasing the events in the upcoming mini-series.  Each raises a lot of questions, but they're all making me look forward to the comic even more.

The first Witch Doctor series was my favorite horror comic of 2011 so I cannot wait for more from Brandon Seifert and Lukas Ketner.  The first issue of Mal Practice is due out on November 28th. 

What do you think of this new variant cover?  Will you be picking this one up?  Or sticking with the original?


Witch Doctor Mal Practice 02Witch Doctor Mal Practice 03Witch Doctor Mal Practice 01
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