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So you are a Friday the 13th fan. You have all the movies, you have a poster of Jason on your wall, hell, you may even have some of the books based on the films. But do you really know Friday the 13th? Has your knowledge ever really been put to the test. Well, Gene DeRosa's 6-13: A Friday the 13th Movie Trivia Book just might do that.

With an introduction by Air Lehman - the first Jason - 6-13 goes pretty deep, with questions like:

  • What medical condition does Jason suffer from, the results of which explain his appearance in the original Friday the 13th?


  • What is the name of the first member of law enforcement to be killed by Jason?


  • Although better remembered for his role on The Jeffersons or in the film The Warriors, what actor had an uncredited role as a busboy in the opening scenes of the original Friday the 13th?

...and many, many more.

Right now DeRosa has a special deal going for HorrorTalk readers. If you buy a book and use the code "horrortalk" at check out, you will receive a free 11"x17" poster similar to that of below:


6 13 Gene Derosa Poster Giveaway

Click image to enlarge.


If you plan on attending Wizard World's Comic Con in Tulsa from November 7-9th, you can meet DeRosa and Lehman in person! Also, the night of the 8th, Lehman's band "First Jason" is scheduled to play.

You have two purchasing options here. For $14.99 you can get the book, or for $24.99 you can get a copy signed by DeRosa and Lehman. And remember, enter the code "horrortalk" either way and you get a free poster!

You can order your book right here: http://www.shop.samsonpublishingcompany.com/6-13-A-Friday-The-13th-Movie-Trivia-Book-613.htm








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