Non Humans CoverWhilce Portico, one of the founders of Image Comics is making his return to the world of creator-owned funny books with a new series entitled Non-Humans.  Joining him for the ride is writer Glen Brunswick to release the comic this October.

Non-Humans is set on Earth after an otherworldly disease is brought planetside by NASA.  It gives life to inanimate objects such as toys, dolls, and mannequins.  They're not just alive.  They walk.  They talk.  They think for themselves.  They form a new minority class called "Non-Humans" and take on the personalities of the people that once used or loved them.

"The toys are not only a new minority in our world, but because they come from us they are quite human--with all of the frailties, insecurities and desires we humans possess," said writer Brunswick. "And some of these creatures can be very dark--it's a world filled with toys that envy us, want to be more like us, and are willing to kill us if they can't get what they want. What could be better than that?"

Non-Humans marks the first creator-owned comic that Portico is working on since Wetworks which started in 1994 and was later relaunched in 2006.  

"It's very exciting for me to get back on a creator-owned book," said Portacio. "It took a long time waiting for the right one to come along that would really fire my imagination. I have the same boundless enthusiasm for Non-Humans that I had when Image Comics was first formed. I feel like there are no limits to what we can do with this story."

The idea of Non-Humans is pretty friggin' creepy.  You remember that episode of The Twilight Zone where the ventriloquist dummy comes to life?  That was always the one that scared me the most and for good reason.  Things like that have unholy, dead eyes and when they look at you it's like they're piercing your very soul.  The thought of having a world full of them walking and talking is enough to make me want to burn all of my action figures just in case.  

The first issue of Non-Humans will hit comic shops in October.  You'll be able to check out a five page preview in Elephantmen #42 which is out now.


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