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Where the Witches Lurk #6 Preview




Creator Joe Pezzula has released the sixth and final chapter of his indie comic Where the Witches Lurk.  Titan and Gina are at the house of the Dark Witch where they hope to find and rescue their father.  Meanwhile, the Dark Witch is poised to take over the town of Haslow Falls and all that stands in her way is Smythe and LaMontagne.  


You can purchase a DRM-FREE PDF of Where the Witches Lurk #6 directly from the creator at his official website.  The issue retails for $0.99 for 22 pages.  It is recommended for ages 13+.  Where the Witches Lurk will also soon be available on ComiXology.


Check out a preview of Where the Witches Lurk #6 below.




Where The Witches Lurk 6 01Where The Witches Lurk 6 02Where The Witches Lurk 6 03

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