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Where the Witches Lurk #5 Preview



Independent creator Joe Pezzula is back with another issue of Where the Witches Lurk.  The penultimate chapter of the six issue mini-series is scheduled to be released on April 8th digitally through Pezzula's official website.  Check out a five page preview and the full solicitation information below.


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Sarah recalls the origins of the Dark Witch, centuries ago, as a small town is devastated by loss. In the present day, LaMontagne gets a chance at freedom thanks to the mysterious -- and powerful -- Smythe, who offers a solution to Fordyce's possession.

Dark forces are finally meeting their match in the penultimate episode of Where the Witches Lurk!

JOE PEZZULA - Creator/Writer
CHRIS MAN - Colors/Backgrounds
22 pages, $0.99 (Digital) -- Rated 13+


Issue 5, as well as the first four issues, can be found at www.joepezzula.com/joes-store










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