Killogy CoverFrank Vincent is responsible for some of the most quotable pieces of dialogue in film history.  He has a talent for delivering flawless wise-ass lines in a slew of mob films and television episodes.  Now you have a chance to put words right in his mouth.  Vincent is starring as Sally "Sno-Cones" in Alan Robert's Killogy from IDW Publishing and you've got a chance to fill in his speech bubble with the funniest wise-ass line of dialogue you can think of.  The best one will receive an original sketch from Alan Robert as well as a comic autographed by the creator.  Not bad.

So where do you go to enter?  You have two options.  Either head over to Facebook and comment on this photo or post it on Twitter using the hashtag #Killogy.  It's that simple.  


Killogy Contest 01

Killogy has been a stellar comic so far and it's only halfway through.  The first two issues have put a unique spin on the zombie genre and comics in general by casting the main characters as real people.  Frank Vincent is joined by Marky Ramone and Brea Grant as three convicts stuck in a prison cell while a horde of zombies forms outside.  It's bloody and gruesome and so much fun.  

So what are you waiting for?  Enter the contest!  You only have until Friday, February 1st, 2013 at 4 PM EST to get your quote in!








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