Marvel Of The Dead CoverI don't think that there's a week that goes by where Marvel Comics doesn't release some sort of teaser image.  They're always vague with big text and maybe a creator's last name or two.  The latest of tease is one that's right up our alley at HorrorTalk because it's covered in blood.  The shot, seen below, has the familiar Marvel logo with the words "of the Dead" in bold letters below it, along with the ambiguous date of "Fall 2013."  

There's been talk for some time that veteran horror director George A. Romero was working on a comic for Marvel but there hasn't been much talk of it since he mentioned it in an interview with Twitch some time back.  The "of the Dead" tagline is definitely something that can be tied to Romero because that's basically the only way he knows how to title things.  The Twitch interview did reveal that there would be zombies.  Big surprise there.

Am I the only one that's tired of the zombie craze?  Marvel can try all it wants but it's not going to get another Walking DeadMarvel Zombies was run into the ground after 5 or 6 mini-series.  The stellar Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher and it's sequel / prequel series put a unique spin on the genre but those creatures weren't really zombies, more like crazed cannibals.  So what kind of take would Romero bring to the zombie super hero genre that hasn't already been done a million times?  

Sound off, True Believers!  Are you looking forward to this?  Or am I just a jaded fan?



Marvel Of The Dead 01

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