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I’m a sucker for a good alternate reality story. While Graveyard Shift isn’t quite that, it does hook you with an incredible premise that sounds like one. What if the Universal Monsters with the X-Men? How can you not be interested in that?

Artist Jon Malin and writer Mark Poulton have taken their horror meets super heroes graphic novel to Indiegogo. The series follows Professor Vladimir Blud, a scientist working for the super secret Atlantis Corporation. He and his colleagues are betrayed and forced into their own experiments to become they monsters they were hired to create. Somehow their lives get even worse. They’re framed as terrorists and need to go on the offensive against a supernatural evil that’s trying to dominate mankind and enslave the Earth.

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Graveyard Shift is a love letter to all things Malin and Poulton loved growing up from super heroes and sci-fi to horror. It was originally conceived in 2010 after Poulton reached out to Malin. Since then, it’s gone through several versions including a preview book that was release at Wizard World Philadelphia in 2011.

All 46 pages of the first book are complete. The Indiegogo campaign is intended to raise funds to letter and print the book along with a new 16-page ashcan written by Poulton and illustrated by Nerd Wonder. The expected release date for the project is February 2019.

At the time of this writing, they’ve already blown past their funding goal with 23 days remaining in the campaign.

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