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We brought you some news recently about UK-based Jinx Media's 10th anniversary and the impending release of Pat Higgins' live show for online viewing. Well, here it is. Anyone involved in the business of low-budget filmmaking is sure to come away with some new food for thought, and if not then it'll be affirmation that you're not the only one that feels the way you do about the industry. Equal parts solid advice and heart-felt soul-baring, Werewolves, Cheerleaders and Chainsaws is a recommended watch for any budding director or low-budget enthusiast. Hell, I enjoyed it immensely and I've never made a film in my life.


Join Pat Higgins (described by SFX magazine as 'The Tarantino of budget gore flicks for style and dialogue' and by Empire magazine as the 'Essex Auteur') on a ride through zero-budget horror filmmaking.

Pat has built a career on making zero-budget but fiercely original horror movies such as 'The Devil's Music' and 'KillerKiller'. He's also the original writer/creator of 'Strippers vs Werewolves' and co-creator of the successful 'Death Tales' series of films (the latest of which, 'Nazi Zombie Death Tales', was released last year). His career has taken him and his movies all over the world, from his home town of Southend in the UK all the way to Hollywood and the Cannes Film Festival.

In this hour-long show, Pat shares advice and anecdotes about everything from creating interesting titles through to getting distribution for your film (tackling issues such as gore, nudity, rubber monsters and explosions along the way!). Backed up with never-before-seen behind the scenes clips from his movies and a healthy sense of humour, the show is a must-see for horror fans, aspiring filmmakers and anyone who has ever just grabbed a camera and tried it for themselves.


On with the show (which does contain nudity, gore and bad language, so be warned!)



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