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Apocalyptic Werewolf Action-RPG Pounces on Distribution Deal

Good news for werewolf lovers – probably all of us here, right? – Bigben, of which Cyanide Studio is a part, reached an agreement with Focus Home Interactive to publish and distribute their first-person action-RPG, Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood. The game has been in the works for almost two years and this should give the studio the peace of mind to “keep the ball rolling” on the game’s continued development.

In Werewolf, players become a werewolf from a tribe of werewolf warriors known as Garou, which comes from the French, "Loup-garou", meaning werewolf. They’re opposed, I’d imagine violently opposed, to urban civilization and supernatural corruption as they believe that these will lead to the apocalypse. It sounds right up my tooth-and-fang-loving street, so it’s understandable that the teams are excited to have reached this collaboration.

“We are thrilled to have reached this agreement which considers, in an equitable way, the different parties’ investments. This will allow Cyanide to keep the ball rolling on the game’s development and to give its numerous fans a really unique experience, in a universe that gamers are very fond of,” declared Alain Falc, Bigben’s CEO.

The universe that Falc mentions is that of ‘The World of Darkness’, where the game – and the roleplaying board game from which this game is adapted – is set. This universe is a darker, more conspiratorial version of our own. The divide between the rich and poor is even larger and corruption is around every corner. Somewhere within the dark and the chaos are humans fighting for their lives against “supernatural horrors”.

Fighting against these corrupt individuals and supernatural horrors is Cahal, a banished werewolf who is only returning to his clan as a result of the danger they’re facing. He must “master the devastating Rage within him to punish all those that would pollute, destroy, and corrupt our Mother Earth, Gaïa.” Cahal will be a key player in the Great War of the Garou against Pentex, a powerful corporation whose activities are upsetting the balance of nature.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood will be available on PC and consoles in 2020. I’m hoping that the next full moon rolls around quickly because I really want to see more from this game. As soon as I do, I’ll be sure to write about it here. Until then, find out more about the game on Cyanide Studio's website and the game's official website. Now, to pass the time with a re-watch of Dog Soldiers

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