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When he's not creating viral Twitter hashtags, Jim Zub writes some pretty great comics. One of them is Wayward from Image Comics which features a young girl named Rori Lane who moves to Japan only to find herself in the midst of a battle between hordes of mythical creatures that everyday folks just don't see. Zub, along with artist Steven Cummings have crafted a book that many are calling the next Buffy. It's a fun and very real take on the modern teenager with believable and relatable characters. The first five issues of the series are being collected into a trade paperback entitled String Theory.


"Wayward is about disaffected youth battling myths of old and, just like being a teenager, it's intense, funny, emotional, and violent," said Zub. "'String Theory' is our first step into this twisted world of modern, mystic mystery and I'm excited to bring readers along for the ride."


String Theory introduces Rori as she's transplanted from Ireland to Japan, which is a bit of a culture shock, especially since she seems to be the only person in the whole country with red hair. As Rori struggles with her new surroundings – not to mention the bizarre creatures from Japanese folklore – she encounters other kids with strange abilities. It's like a new Scooby Gang!


"Wayward is a coming of age tale that comes up against monsters set in the very real Japan that everyday people experience," said Cummings. "Well, except they don't experience monsters... With every new step in the voyage we get to take our readers along for a guided tour of Tokyo and its Yokai side."


Wayward is really a solid read. It's a great new book that's easily accessible to just about anyone. As with most of Image's first volume trade paperbacks, this one is bargain priced at $9.99. Wayward: Volume 1 – String Theory is set for release on March 25th, 2014 in comic shops and April 7th, 2014 at book stores.


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