Vitriol The Hunter CoverIDW Publishing has announced the launch of Vitriol the Hunter this February.  An all-new series, the comic will be co-written by Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin and Brent Allen.  Martin will also be contributing interior art to the book.  

“This book has travelled everywhere I have on tour over the last few years,” Martin said. “I’ve had a light table and art supplies set up on countless busses and hotel rooms across the world.”

Set in the fictional city of Basilika in 2127, Vitriol the Hunter follows the title character as he stands against Lord Barthus and his vampire regime.  Vitriol is the city's last great hope and he stands alone in this task to stop Lord Barthus from taking over.

“Billy is a one of kind. He’s a guy that we hope to be someday,” Sean “Cheeks” Galloway said. “Although he’s had major success with his band Good Charlotte, his love and his drive to draw and to succeed as comic illustrator is mind-boggling and inspiring to us creators to push our limits.”

Martin is also producing a soundtrack inspired by Vitriol the Hunter.  He's been creating remixes and writing and producing music for other artists using the name Villian.  This will mark the first official release of original music as Villain, mixing electronic music with traditional film score.  This soundtrack will be available as a free download inside the comic.

Vitriol the Hunter is a six issue mini-series.  The first issue is due out in February 2013 and will retail for $3.99.  

What do you think of this upcoming release?  The idea of adding a soundtrack to a comic is getting some traction and I'm a fan of it.  It's been done recently with Orchid and Monocyte and it definitely adds to the value of the book.  Vitriol the Hunter sounds pretty cool and the art looks great from the preview.


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