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Vampirella Relaunches with Nancy A. Collins



If there's one thing the comic book industry loves lately, it's reboots.  The characters stay the same, but everything has been getting a new flashy #1 issue.  Vampirella is the latest to join the fray this June from Dynamite Entertainment and she''ll be written by horror author Nancy A. Collins.  Patrick Berkenkotter will provide the interior artwork for the new ongoing series and Terry Dodson will be handling the main cover.  Dodson certainly knows how to draw sexy women, so he's a solid pick for the cover artist.

"I'm very excited about taking over the reins on Vampirella," says Nancy Collins. "I've really been enjoying myself so far. In celebration of her 45th anniversary, I'm returning the book's focus to its horror roots and giving Vampirella a slightly darker edge.  Dynamite has been wonderful to work with, and have given me a great deal of support.  It's been some time since I last wrote for comics, and it feels great to be back!"

The new series will begin with a story arc entitled “Our Lady of Shadows” in which Vampirella is sent by the Vatican to investigate the kidnapping of a little girl by the Cult of Chaos.  Unfortunately, she becomes the centerpiece of a ritual invoking the sister-bride of Chaos, Lady Umbra. 


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Collins says, "Vampirella's life is turned completely upside down, and she finds herself having to team up with the strangest bedfellow imaginable in order to battle both a demonic threat and an elite Vatican hit-squad."

Dynamite plans to celebrate the new Vampirella series with another new staple of the funny book industry: variant covers.  The main cover will be drawn by Terry Dodson, but the comic will also feature retailer incentive covers by Jenny Frison, Sergio Fernandez Davila, Jack Jadson, Mimi Yoon, and Ken Haeser.  Additionally, there will be a Subscription cover by Stephanie Buscema only available to readers that pre-order the comic from their local comic shop.  Finally, there's a retailer exclusive variant by Sergio Fernandez Davila that can be tailored to promote individual comic shops.

Vampirella #1 will be released in June 2014 in both print and digital formats.


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