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Another day, another reboot in the comic book industry.  We can't seem to go a week without an announcement of a new #1 issue.  This time around, it's Dynamite Entertainment who will be relaunching Vampirella in February 2017 with the opening issue retailing for only $0.25.  The new series will be written by Paul Cornell and illustrated by Jimmy Broxton.  It picks up over a thousand years after the character vanished where she returns and finds the world has changed drastically since she last walked it.

"I'm delighted to be writing a Vampirella that takes onboard everything she's been and moves it forward into a new setting, where the gothic meets science fiction," says writer Paul Cornell. "I'm also delighted to be working again with my old friends, the incredibly talented artist Jimmy Broxton, and the incredibly talented editor, Matt Idelson. There's a lyrical, Modesty Blaise feel to Jimmy's art on this. I'm hoping especially to find a female audience. The character's often been regarded as a nostalgia item, cheesecake, and we're building on previous efforts to keep moving away from that to something more interesting. I'm excited to be building a whole new world, I'm loving what Jimmy's art is doing (Barbarella! Hepburn!), and I hope that excitement communicates itself to the reader."

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"We wanted to give fans and retailers a low-cost entry into the queen of monster hunters, and this introductory-priced issue allows them to stock up and minimize their risk to a great new series," says Dynamite CEO and publisher, Nick Barrucci. "We have been fortunate to work with so many of the industry's best talents on Vampirella; Paul coming on board to write is another high watermark, and Jimmy's art complements his scripts beautifully. Their take on the character is both fresh and classic, and is sure to please longtime fans and first-time readers alike!"

"This new series definitely harkens back to the earliest days of the character in a lot of ways, while firmly taking Vampirella very, very far forward," says Senior Editor Matt Idelson. "I think this is really going to appeal to both longtime fans of Vampi and those folks who've never before given her stories a try. I'm definitely proud to be a part of this."

I'm a little disappointed at the news of the relaunch as I was digging the previous Vampirella title, especially the redesign of her costume which was previously nothing more than a red shoelace.  I'm not clear as to what the new designs will be for her going into the next year, but I'm eager to check out the book.  Plus, the price is right.  Dynamite also did this recently for the relaunch of Red Sonja.


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