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World War II ended decades ago but every year new stories come out set during the time of Nazis.  Maybe there's just a bunch of stuff we don't know about that period, but one thing is for sure: there are some huge possibilities.  That's where Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht lives.  The indie comic is set in the early days of WWII.  The SS Occult division has uncovered a coven of vampire women beneath a church in North Africa.  Is this the answer to their super soldier problem?  Or something far worse?

Before the Nazis can put these new undead weapons to use, British MI6 agents kidnap one of the bloodsuckers and take her back to England.  With the help of Aleister Crowley, they turn the vampire to the side of the Allies.  Now the undead teams up with an Army chaplain and a clergyman to bring the fight to Germany, taking on the Nazi Occult Division.

This is the kind of comic that sounds both ridiculous and awesome.  There's enough truth in it to almost make it believable.  I've seen Raiders of the Lost Ark.  I'd buy the idea that the Nazis had an entire division devoted to the supernatural.  Finding a horde of vampire chicks is not outside the realm of possibilities if you believe that.  

Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht is currently only available via international mail order or at Forbidden Planet Glasgow.  Check out the image above for details on how to order your copy.











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