IDW Publishing has announced Jonathan Maberry's return to the publisher with the upcoming V-Wars beginning on Free Comic Book Day this May.  The comic is spinning out of Maberry's prose anthology of the same name dealing with a world transformed by a global pandemic caused by a millennial-old virus.  Individuals are affected differently based on their DNA but the result is a slew of unique vampires and a bunch of unaffected humans caught in the middle of a battle between the bloodsuckers.  The comic will feature interior art by Alan Robinson and colors by Jay Fotos.  
“The vampires people used to believe in weren’t charming romantic antiheroes. They were monsters,” says writer Maberry. “Each culture had their own legends, and each of these vampires was completely different from the others; and all of them were different from the vampires in pop-culture. We went directly to the source: the myths and legends of vampires around the world and throughout history. Old-school, scary, and complicated.”


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V-Wars is set to kick off on Free Comic Book Day this year with the first two issues.  Issue #0 will be available for free at participating comic book shops and serves as an introduction to this world faced with the beginning of the fast spreading Vampire Wars as seen through the eyes of a folklore scholar named Luther Swann.  The comic will feature a cover by Kevin Eastman who you might know from a little title called Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesV-Wars #1 will also be available on Free Comic Book Day, but you're going to have to pay for that one.  The first taste is free!  That issue centers on an event that escalates the Vampire Wars and causes even more bloodshed.

This looks like a great way to introduce a new ongoing series.  I haven't read Maberry's prose novel, but if V-Wars is anything like his other comic work like Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher, I'm in.  I'm also glad to see some more scary vampires that aren't your old-school coffin sleeping, Draculas.  These sound creepy.











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