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Man, it is (potentially) a good time to be a comic book writer.  Every week I'm reading about a new series that will be adapted to Television.  Avatar Press' Extinction Parade and IDW Publishing's Killogy were the two most recent announcements and now IDW has added another title to the fray with Jonathan Maberry's V-Wars.  Based on the author's prose novel of the same name, the comic takes place in a world where a catastrophic environmental event releases a millennial-old virus that, once triggered, causes vampirism.  This causes a war to break out between humans and vampires.

V-Wars is the first series project to be developed under the recently announced first-look co-production agreement between IDW Entertainment and Entertainment One Television.  Tim Schlattmann has been tapped to write the pilot episode and will serve as executive producer of the series.  Ted Adams and David Ozer from IDW Entertainment, John Morayniss and Benedict Carver from eOne Television, and David Alpert andRick Jacobs from Circle of Confusion will also executive produce.


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“This is a story that takes everything the audience thinks they know about vampires and throws it out the window. They're not the undead. They’re us.” said Schlattman.

V-Wars is a head-on collision of real-world science, terrorism, special forces action, ethics, politics and an exploration of what defines us as human,” said Maberry.
“Tim brings an incredible vision for V-Wars,” said Ozer, IDW Entertainment President, “The series sets an exciting tone for our first project launched with Entertainment One and will resonate throughout the global television market.”

IDW has put a big push behind V-Wars as it was the focus of their Free Comic Book Day issue.  This announcement coincides with the release of the second issue as well.  The book has gotten off to a great start with the debut issue quickly setting the tone of the series and diving into some incredible gore.  Obviously it's too early to tell when and where V-Wars will debut on the small screen, but this is definitely a show you'll want to check out.


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