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MVD Entertainment Group has recently partnered with Lost Empire and will be distributing the entire Lost Empire catalog.

Here are the first releases coming out:


Fear The Forest Cover
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Fear the Forest (08.20.2013 | $9.95 (MSRP) | 110 minutes)

Ten years ago, there was a "Ghost-like something" seen killing people in the woods as people were culled away one by one and some never to be found. What really happened? This year reports have surfaced that it was all just a "Hoax." A local philanthropist believes differently and puts a $2.5 Million Dollar Bounty on this "Beast" in the woods and a team of expert hunters go out looking for the "Silent Killer."


Porn Shoot Massacre Cover
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Porn Shoot Massacre Unrated Edition (08.20.2013 | $9.95 (MSRP) | 85 minutes | HorrorTalk Review)

A group of sexy women who think they are reporting to the set of a porn film get the shock of their lives when they discover they've been tricked into appearing in a horror movie -- where they will be the real-life victims.


Eyes Of The Woods Cover
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Eyes of the Woods (09.17.2013 | $9.95 (MSRP) | 79 minutes)

The Wicker demon has awakened and for one unlucky group of kids, a roadtrip is about to turn very wrong. They find themselves seperated, alone and terrified as they battle a ruthless, flesh eating creature. Who among them will survive, trapped within the Eyes of the Woods?


Unsolved Cover
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Unsolved (09.17.2013 | $9.95 (MSRP) | 88 minutes)

Fifteen years after an on campus murder, students re-open the case for a class and uncover a truth more horrifying and closer to home than they ever imagined.






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