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Get those hashtags ready, folks as we've got something special to share with you today.  Vertigo Comics has provided a special exclusive preview of Unfollow #12, due out on Wednesday, October 12th.  The book is written by Rob Williams and illustrated by Michael Dowling with colors by Quinton Winter.  It started with a social media mogul leaving billions of dollars to 140 random people, to be split evenly amongst whoever is still alive at the time of his death.  You can probably see where this is going.  Here's the description of issue #12:

In Russia, Dave, Deacon and Ravan have a choice to make: take the Ekranoplan and run for their lives, or evolve into something terrifying. Meanwhile, Courtney’s game-changing revelation stuns the other “140” exiles. Can Akira’s peace compound live up to its name? Or is there a terrible price to pay if one wants to truly become a social media messiah?

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Unfollow #12 will be available at your local comic shops and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle on Wednesday, October 12th.

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Unfollow 12 Cover
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