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Ultimate Zombie Feast comes to DVD


Ever get tired of buying horror movie boxsets because they contain the same old titles? Sure, it might seem like a good idea to be able to grab five or so films for the price of one DVD, but when you get it home you find out you've got 50% of the content already. Well the UK's Monster Pictures has put an end to that with its brand new Ultimate Zombie Feast DVD collection featuring five hours of zombie films from all over the world. And there's something for every taste: from zombie comedy, to gory action, even to puppetry! This collection also exclusively contains The Book of Zombie (a Mormon zombie film) and festival favourites Dead Hungry, Zombeer and It Came from the West.


The full list of films is as follows:



  • Zombeer (Netherlands, 11 min)
  • Zombies and Cigarettes (Spain, 17 min)
  • Plague (UK, 17 min)
  • Bitten (UK, 6 min)
  • Arise (USA, 18 min)
  • Not Even Death (USA, 5 min)
  • Fear of the Living Dead (USA, 16 min)
  • Kidz (Canada, 9 min)
  • The Book of Zombie (USA, 64 min)


  • Zombie Harvest (UK, 11 min)
  • The Skin of Your Teeth (USA, 14 min)
  • Zomblies (UK, 47 min)
  • It Came from the West (Denmark, 16 min)
  • Paris By Night of the Living Dead (France, 12 min)
  • Savages (India, 39 min)
  • Dead Hungry (UK, 10 min)


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Ultimate Zombie Feast will be released by Monster Pictures on DVD in the UK on 8th October 2012. In the meantime check out the trailer below and the juicy stills.



Ultimate Zombie Feast L04Ultimate Zombie Feast L03Ultimate Zombie Feast L01Ultimate Zombie Feast P02Ultimate Zombie Feast L05Ultimate Zombie Feast P01Ultimate Zombie Feast L06Ultimate Zombie Feast P03Ultimate Zombie Feast L02

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