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Twilight Zone Annual Announced



What if you were reading one Twilight Zone comic, only to find out that there was an entirely different Twilight Zone comic coming out with even more stories?  It wouldn't be between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. Instead, you can pick it up at your local comic shop.  Dynamite Entertainment has announced their first Twilight Zone Annual, coming in June 2014, following up on J. Michael Straczynski's run on the title.  The squarebound oversized issue will feature three stand-alone stories written by Mark Rahner and drawn by Randy Valiente, Andrea Mutti, and Edu Menna, with a cover by Roberto Castro.

The three stories contained within the Twilight Zone Annual 2014 are as follows:

A politician determined to cut aid to the poor finds himself in a Dust Bowl town in the Great Depression. Reality begins to slip away for a crusader against social network "over-sharing." And a Renaissance player who doesn't fit in with his present-day peers gets an ugly taste of the real thing.


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"The stories in this annual range from horrifically disturbing to comically whimsical," says writer Mark Rahner. I hope readers hear Rod Serling's voice - and a little of his anger - when they read my Twilight Zone annual. I feel like I was born to write this stuff, because I suspect my mom used one of those cone-speaker things to hardwire me with Twilight Zone while I was still in the womb. Instant addict. I wonder if it's easy for some people to forget how much nerve Serling showed in those shows. He used them as vehicles for blistering commentary - odd, entertaining fantasy, science fiction and horror vehicles. And that kind of nerve inspired me from my first comic book, Rotten, right on through to this one. My Twilight Zone stories are old-school in their approach - you can't improve on his formulas - to current things that would have given pause to our cigarette-smoking host."

The Twilight Zone Annual 2014 will be available at your local comic shop or digitally via platforms such as ComiXology and Dark Horse Digital on June 18th, 2014.



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