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Aside from just being an all around cool time of year, one of things I truly love about the Halloween season is the specials that come on TV. I always look forward to the movie marathons, documentaries, and "best of" specials that air in October.

The TV Guide Network will be jumping into the game with its new special, Count it Down: Most Scream-Worthy Movie Moments, premiering on Monday, October 22nd, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

From the press release:
From Drew Barrymore’s terrifying murder in Scream to the onslaught of zombies in Night of the Living Dead, the one-hour special will have viewers sleeping with the lights on!

Other hair-raising moments that made the top 25 include:

Rosemary’s Baby – The harrowing look on Mia Farrow’s face when she realizes she’s given birth to Satan’s child.

A Nightmare on Elm Street – Nancy’s peaceful bubble bath interrupted by Freddy’s clawed hand suddenly appearing and pulling her into an abyss.

Se7en – The horrifying way detectives Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman discover that the skeletal corpse under the word “sloth” isn’t really dead after all.  

Halloween – The desperation Jamie Lee Curtis experiences when her cries for help are blatantly ignored as she is being chased by the murderous Jason.

Psycho – Janet Leigh’s bloodcurdling scream as Anthony Perkins wields a menacing butcher knife high in the air and repeatedly stabs her in a machine-like fashion.

The Shining – Two words…“Heeeeeere’s Johnny!”

The Blair Witch Project – The cameras dropping violently to the ground, as the film students are attacked by the unseen murderer.

The Sixth Sense – Mischa Barton’s pale ghostly arm sliding out from under the bed to pull on Cole’s leg.

I love these specials. Whether or not I agree with the choices takes backseat to just watching some of my favorite clips all over again. I'll be checking it out.

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