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Tusk Trailer Premieres at SDCC




With San Diego Comic Con underway, I'm reminded once again that I'm not attending.  It's not some personal statement.  I just live on the east coast and it costs a bunch of money to get out to California to check out a bunch of nerdy stuff.  Instead, I read about everything that's going on through press releases and articles online, settling for transcripts of footage shown for upcoming movies and TV shows as they are almost never released officially.  If I'm lucky, I'll see a bootlegged copy of a trailer before a production company has it taken down.  Then there's Kevin Smith, who fortunately doesn't believe in that shit.


Every year Smith hosts a Q&A panel in Hall H, the place where all the biggest panels are held during SDCC.  This year he promised the debut of the trailer for Tusk, his upcoming horror film starring Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, and Michael Parks, set for release this fall.  Shortly after the panel, the trailer was released online in all its glory.  Check it out below.




Tusk is based on a conversation between Smith and Scott Mosier during an episode of SModcast.  Over the course of the episode (which you can hear at the movie's official website), the pair outline what sounds like an epic horror movie.  Judging from the trailer, that's exactly what it turned out to be.  Can we talk for a minute about how insanely great Michael Parks is?  Holy shit.  He's terrifying.  His delivery is spot on.  He could be any villain in any movie ever.  I got chills during the last few moments of this trailer.


Tusk arrives in theaters on September 19th, 2014.











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