Avp Evolution CoverFox Digital Entertainment has released a new batch of screenshots as well as a trailer for their upcoming mobile game Alien vs. Predator: Evolution.  The game will be available on Android and iOS phones and tablets soon but until it's release, you can whet your appetite for sci-fi action with these images.

The game was developed by Angry Mob Games (Predators, Guerilla Bob) and puts the player in the center of the age-old war between these two races.  You can choose to play as the Alien or the Predator when entering the battle.  Characters can be leveled up to advance to an ultimate killing machine.  As an Alien, you start as a face hugger and work your way up to warrior.  Similarly, a Predator begins as a Young Blood and ultimately turns into a Master Hunter.


AVP: Evolution uses the Unity Engine in its design, allowing it to use more sophisticated graphics, advanced lighting, detailed character models, and impressive new environments.  There's a lot of history to draw from for this game between the two franchises.  

As a fan of the first AVP film (haven't seen the second one yet), this sounds pretty cool.  

What do you think of this new footage from AVP: Evolution?  Which race will you play as first?


Avp Evolution 01Avp Evolution 02Avp Evolution 03Avp Evolution 04
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Avp Evolution 05Avp Evolution 06Avp Evolution 07Avp Evolution 08
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