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The term 'master of horror' gets thrown around without thougth nowadays. OH! You did one scary movie that had a mediocre run at the box office? Here's your "Master of Horror" crown! (Just look at the too-short-lived series Masters of Horror and you tell me if all those directors that participated deserved that title.)

But, of course, there are some that live up to the name too, like Tom Holland. The man has directed some pretty good films, including Child's Play, Fright Night, The Stranger Within (a TV movie, sure, but I remember enjoying the hell out of it), as well as either writing or co-writing Child's Play, Psycho II, The Beast Within, The Initiation of Sarah, Fright Night, and more. So the man clearly has had his hand in the horror pot for sometime now.

This is good, especially since starting on Monday, November 4th, FEARnet will be bringing us Tom Hollan's Twisted Tales, exclusively on and VOD. Consisting of 10 episodes, the anthology series will be available for "binge viewing" and boasts guest appearances from genre favorites such as William Forsythe, Danielle Harris, Angela Bettis, and many, many more. Holland writes and directs the series – a variety of stories that take viewers into the dark world of vampires, witchcraft, demon possession and scorned lovers, to name a few.

From the press release:
Holland was excited to join forces with FEARnet, "It was great to work with Peter Block and FEARnet. Peter was and still is completely supportive and provided wonderful story notes throughout the process, while also allowing me creative freedom to tell my tales. I like to think of myself as the Crypt Keeper in this series - although I hope I look better than he did!"

"We are honored to be able to work with a master like Tom Holland," said Sarah Shannon, vice president, programming and network operations. "He created these completely original, never-before-seen shorts specifically for our Network, and we can't wait to finally unleash this series online and on VOD."

While TWISTED TALES is exclusively available on the FEARnet website and VOD platform, linear viewers will not be left out. On Saturday, November 9, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, the TV network will celebrate "Tom Holland Day," with a special airing of the original genre classic, FRIGHT NIGHT, which Holland wrote and directed. The '80s fan favorite tells the story of teenage everyman Charley Brewster, who enlists the help of a late-night horror movie host (Roddy McDowall) when a vampire (Chris Sarandon) moves in next door.

I love anthology shows, and I'm a fan of Holland's work, so naturally this is a win/win. I have pretty high hopes for this series.









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