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If you haven't been keeping up with the In The Dark series, you should be. To Be Loved will be the third entry in this anthology series in the vein of Tales from the Crypt, and the first two, Dummy and The Keeper, are pretty damn good.

From the press release:
While the first two episodes featured an axe wielding ventriloquist dummy and a supernatural demon from hell, this time out things get really twisted and played for comedy. "To Be Loved" is a dark comedy with a horror twist written and directed by Chris St.Croix. It's the latest episode from the successful horror anthology series IN THE DARK created by St.Croix and writer, director David Buchert. It is a stylized tale of a lonely guy who is promised true love, but finds that it comes at a bloody price. Describing the film, St.Croix says, "It's completely different from my last episode, "The Keeper" and I call it a twisted romance for a reason. It gets pretty dark, but I also wanted it to be fun. If you can imagine what it might be like if David Cronenberg made a Warner Brothers cartoon, that'll give you an idea of what you're in for." While the trailer is designed to leave you wanting more and not giving everything away, it does give us a quick glimpse at a very unusual, non-human character in the film. "I don't want to say too much, but I really wanted to do something that hadn't been seen before and also do the effects practically. With the help of the amazing Paul Fly, who created all the mechanical characters in the film, I think we've managed to do something that really hasn't been seen before or at least not in the way we've done it. There are a couple firsts in this episode and I'm really proud of that."

As with the last two episodes, "To Be Loved" will make the festival rounds in 2014 before the two plan to combine it with the other episodes and the next episode directed by Buchert, into a four part, anthology feature in the tradition of Cats's Eye and Creepshow. "We set out to create a series like the one's we grew up loving like Tales From the Crypt. Over a million people have seen the episodes in the last year and the response has been incredible, especially in a climate where it's hard to get anyone to watch something for longer than three minutes. We think fans of the first two will enjoy this episode as well. And the more people that share the trailer, tweet it, review it and spread the word, the more likely that we can continue to make more."

If To Be Loved is as impressive as the first two offerings, we're really in for a treat.

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