Throw Anything 01

Visual Light

Throw Everyday Objects at Zombies in Visual Light's Throw Anything

Studio: VisualLight
Platforms: Steam (Early Access)
Release date: 28 February 2018
Price: 16.99

When the zombie apocalypse finally comes – and I’ve seen enough films to know that it will – I will throw quite literally anything at the oncoming horde in order to survive. Now, thanks to VisualLight and their upcoming VR game, Throw Anything, we’ll all be able to get plenty of practise on HTV Vive and SteamVR from February 28th.

Throw Anything has you trying to fend off the undead as they climb up your high-rise building. The only way to survive is to throw anything that isn’t nailed down, and then smash up anything that is, in the hope of you’ll be able to smack them off the building – and fingers crossed that they hit a few of their hungry friends on the way down.

There are 5 levels to fight through, and 9 bosses of various difficulty to defeat. To do so, you’ll need to smash up the fully-destructible environments to give you more objects to throw, and you can even throw any non-playable characters wandering nearby – if you’re so inclined. I would be.

Throw Anything is available on HTC Vive and SteamVR on February 28th in Early Access, and you’ll need to throw $16.99 their way to purchase a copy for yourself. PSVR and Oculus Rift releases are also planned for later this year, so if you’d prefer to throw things at the undead over on those particular platforms, it shouldn’t be long.

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