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With The Walking Dead back on our screens we return once again to the harsh world of the prison and a group that's constantly teetering on the edge of destruction. We're only a few episodes in but already tensions are high. After (only just) fighting off the Governor in season 3, Rick's finally had time to salvage some of his humanity and embrace stragglers into his secure compound. However, as with anything in this human-eat-human world danger, suspicion and violence are not far behind.

It goes without saying that not everyone in the group will see the credits roll on this season's finale but as for who will go first - that's for the filmmakers to know and us to predict on Twitter. Speaking of which, the crafty folks at the UK based money saving site have created a programme that allows you see which character is recieving the most Twitter love in real-time. Do fans hate Herschel? Do they madly love Michonne? Or can't they stand Carl? One look at this Twinfographic will show you who's getting talked about the most and may even help predict who'll be the next one to meet the business end of a zombie's gob. Take a look below!


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