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Robert Kirkman, Image Comics Partner and creator of perhaps the biggest zombie franchise ever, shared his plans to celebrate the tenth anniversary of The Walking Dead coming up in October 2013. That month will see the beginning of a new 12 issue story arc entitled “All-Out War” with issue #115. In addition to regular covers, fans can be on the look out for ten connecting variant covers by series artist Charlie Adlard. Oh, and issues #115 through #126 will be released bi-weekly starting on October 9th.

Fans will be able to choose their side in “All-Out War” with t-shirts announcing their allegiance to Rick Grimes' “Survivors”, Jesus' “Hilltop”, Negan's “Saviors”, or Ezekiel's “Kingdom” factions. No word yet on where the shirts will be available so ask at your local comic shop.

I don't know what I'm more impressed with. The ten interlocking covers or the fact that Kirkman is going to release twelve comics in six months considering his issues with delays on both this book and Invincible in the past. Anyway, there's more!

October will also see the re-release of The Walking Dead #1, this time in color for the first time ever. Colorist Dave Stewart will be handling the process over Tony Moore's original artwork. Stewart colors almost every book that comes out of Dark Horse and they all look great so he's a good choice for the job.

Of course, there's more. Fans of Tyreese will have something to look forward to this October with the release of The Walking Dead Tyreese Special which will reprint the character's first appearance from The Walking Dead #7 and his origin story that originally appeared in The Walking Dead: Free Comic Book Day Special.

I have a lot of catching up to do for all things Walking Dead. I'm a season behind on the TV show and I'm at least 3 or 4 trade paperbacks behind on the comic. This sounds like a reasonably cool idea though. What do you think of “All-Out War”? Which faction will you support?



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