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The Shunned One Gets Adapted



Hollywood has finally realized that there's a wealth of great stories lurking in back issue bins at local comic shops across the country.  Older comics like Preacher and Sandman aren't the only ones that are being given the chance to shine on the screen.  In some cases, books are being adapted before they even hit the shelves.  That is the case with Alan Robert's The Shunned One which is now being adapted into a feature film.  The comic is set for release in early 2015 from IDW Publishing.

The Coalition Group has partnered with Wasted Talent Entertainment to producer a screenplay written by Jack Reher based on Robert's comic.  Robert, along with his producing partners Chris White and Jeff Mazzola round out Wasted Talent Entertainment.  Glenn Allen is also on board as VFX Supervisor.

The Shunned One follows an angel of death as he goes rogue after refusing to take innocent human lives.  As a result of his action, the balance in the universe is altered, causing a chain reaction of unforeseen disasters.  Now a pack of vengeful death angels (coincidentally also the name of my acapella group in high school) are sent down to hunt him.  He must hide among the humans while trying to undo the damage he's done.  

“To watch this thing take shape as a film, even before the comic is released, is pretty amazing,” says Robert. “I think what interests people most about the property is that it isn't a typical, Biblical take on angels, whatsoever. It's a whole new mythology. You've never seen angels like this anywhere before.”

Although The Shunned One won't be officially released until early 2015, fans can get an exclusive first look at it this Halloween in a special one-shot issue of Killogy, also created, written, and illustrated by Robert.  The Shunned One will feature covers by Francesco Mattina.  

"We couldn’t be more excited about participating in bringing Alan’s vision to life,” said Johnny Wunder, The Coalition Group's Director of Development. "In combination with Jack’s writing and Alan’s imagination I think The Shunned One will give us a unique, grounded look at The Guardian Angel.”

The Shunned One is not the first of Robert's comics to get adapted.  Crawl to Me is currently being produced as a live-action feature by Rodar Y Rodar and Wasted Talent Entertainment.  Victor Garcia is attached to direct a screenplay written by TJ Cimfel and David White.  Meanwhile Killogy is being developed as an animated television series by Rodney Barnes.

All of Robert's comics to date have been pretty stellar.  If his previous works are any indication, The Shunned One will be just as good.










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