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After the success of titles like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, there have been a slew of historical horror stories popping up. Each one shows a weird version of a story we're somewhat familiar with, but drenched in blood and gore. Dark Horse Comics is jumping into the fray this Spring with the release of The Order of the Forge, detailing the adventures of a young George Washington and his superpowered axe.


Set in 1753, the comic picks up with Washington working for the King of England. He's imbued with the mystical powers of America's original inhabitants and joined by a debauched, middle-aged Ben Franklin and a young, rebellious Paul Revere to stop an evil colonial governor out to rule an empire. The planned three-issue mini-series is written by Victor Gischler, based on an original concept from Donn D. Berdahl and a treatment from Andy Briggs. I love everything about this.


"Dark and filled with seething rage, this George will shatter the image of the white-haired father of a nation!" stated Berdahl.


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Publisher Mike Richardson, founder of Dark Horse, said, "This is one of those great changeups that challenge our notions of a widely accepted historical figure and pose a 'what if' in an entertaining manner."


No word yet on the artist or an official release date, but Dark Horse is planning to publish The Order of the Forge sometime in Spring 2015.










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